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Project Management: The Human and Technical View

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Classroom Sessions: Two half-days – 8:30 am-12:30pm

Plus: An exclusive 1:1 coaching session


Do you control your projects or do you feel like a project controls you? In this virtually delivered program, you will improve your ability to lead projects to successful outcomes. There is a proven process that all project managers need to understand and learn to apply. Project managers require strong technical skills such as writing a project charter, developing a stakeholder risk assessment, and creating a Gantt chart. Human interactions are equally important to the success of a project manager. You will complete a communications style assessment and review how to apply the assessment results to help you be the best project manager you were meant to be. An effective project manager has the right blend of human and technical skills.


MRA has been offering this course for more than 20 years. We have heard from prior participants who tell us that this course has helped them improve project management skills. To complete the course you will spend two half days with the instructor and other participants, do about an hour of work outside the class, and schedule a follow up meeting with the project management instructor for an exclusive 1:1 coaching session.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the five phases of the project management process.
  • Discuss roles and responsibilities of a project leader, sponsor, and team member.
  • Apply technical skills to initiate and plan for your project.
  • Identify your communication style and preferred styles of others.
  • Identify key components of team leadership and effective communication.
  • Consider methods to address conflict throughout the project process.
  • Consider options for effective executing, controlling, and closing out a project. 

Who Should Attend:

If you have never had formal training in project management, this is the course for you!


Functional managers and supervisors, project leaders, HR, and any other staff who lead cross-functional projects that range from new product development and process re-engineering to office improvement strategies or new equipment installation.


Pre-work: To get the most value from the course, please identify a project that you are about to start or that you are already working on. This is the project you will use during class and with your “homework” before the 1:1 coaching session.


If you have taken the Leading Effective Teams Series, you will not need to attend this program.

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