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Principles of Leadership Excellence Certificate Series


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Principles of Leadership Excellence Certificate Series

Becoming an effective leader involves acquiring skill. Understanding leadership components, learning how to combine those components in just the right way, and practicing what you learn will lead to success. In this certificate series, you’ll build 18 leadership competencies. You’ll learn how to communicate with your team and how to respond in adversity. This series is not yawn-filled lecture and tedious note-taking. It’s an exciting ride with interactive learning that teaches you how to be a better leader through self-assessment, skill practice, group discussion, and day-to-day application. You can stay connected between sessions through the life-line of an online community. Instructors with real-world leadership experience in a variety of industries make the topics come alive!

MRA encourages you to take the series in sequence because skill sets in each session build upon what is learned in the previous session.

When you complete the entire series, you'll receive a framed certificate recognizing your achievement.

Who Should Attend:

For newly appointed supervisors, managers, and professionals as well as for individuals with management potential looking for in-depth strategies with practical application.

Series Overview, Related Resources, and Participant Access

Principles of Leadership Excellence Series Schedules: 2018 and 2019

Courses in this series:

Module 1

Trust and Influence

2 Days

Module 2

Communicating for Results

2 Days

Module 3

Culture, Motivation, and Aligning Goals with Strategies

2 Days

Module 4

Training, Delegating, Coaching, and Managing Performance

3 Days

Module 5

Building Collaboration and Managing Conflict

2 Days

Module 6

Leading Change and Putting It All Together

1 Day

Coaching Guide for Managers: $75

To help get the most out of this training experience for your employee, MRA offers a Manager Coaching Guide. This premier tool was designed to maximize your leaders' productivity and help their learning "stick!" The coaching guide follows the classes in the series and includes an overview of what was covered in the class as well as some coaching questions for discussion. We also offer a brief video that explains the best use of the guide.

Click here to order your guide and gain access to the e-learning module today!

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