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Daily, you interact with a variety of people often with those having different communication styles and different levels of experience. Whether you are communicating one-on-one, with a team, or to a large group, the ability to effectively communicate your message to others is crucial to your success in business. This one-day program covers the four primary factors impacting verbal communication: styling, vocal power, listening, and nonverbal enhancements to our communication. You will learn and practice techniques that improve your ability to successfully communicate your messages to others.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify your most-used communication styles and discuss the styles of others.
  • Implement strategies and techniques to improve communication based on others' communication styles.
  • Use five effective listening skills to create a balance between facts and feelings in verbal exchanges.
  • Apply techniques to enhance the quality of your vocal power.
  • Make adjustments to, and take advantage of, your own vocal patterns and behaviors.
  • Use stance, physical posture, and body language to enhance your verbal message.

Who Should Attend:

Supervisors and managers, human resource professionals, team leaders, employees, and anyone who wants to improve overall verbal communication skills or who is experiencing problematic verbal communication.

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