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Managing Your Anger and Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict Management

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Anger and conflict are components of almost every workplace environment. Anger is a normal human emotion; it is how people express their anger that leads to problems. Left unmanaged, conflict can be a major source of job stress and can lower productivity. This two-day program teaches you how to handle your own anger and conflict while maintaining productivity and good working relationships. Classes are scheduled one week apart so that you can practice your new skills and then return and receive feedback on your progress.

Learning Objectives:

  • Realize that anger is a normal human emotion.
  • Demonstrate appropriate ways to express and manage anger.
  • Increase awareness of positive and negative conflict.
  • Explore differing personalities as a component of conflict.
  • Choose appropriate communication skills in dealing with anger and conflict.
  • Use conflict resolution strategies.

Who Should Attend:

All levels of employees, supervisors, and managers who have challenges when they are directly involved in a conflict. It is especially helpful for those individuals who feel that they do not handle their own anger well in conflict situations.

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Building Collaboration and Managing Conflict
Building Collaboration and Managing Conflict
Conflict Management
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