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The first rung on the supervision ladder, the lead position, is also the first line of management representing the organization to employees. Leads are directly responsible for both results and employee satisfaction. Leads are normally selected based on technical expertise, but expertise has little to do with leadership.

This course introduces the foundation of basic supervisory skills that are covered in detail in Supervision Part I: Fundamentals of Leadership.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the expectations of your position.
  • Identify the characteristics of an informal leader.
  • Discuss your role in the new hire orientation process and ongoing training.
  • Describe methods to enhance communication skills, resolve conflicts, and build relationships.
  • List the levels of authority and use them to elevate others and yourself.
  • Use the work assignment procedure.
  • Define preventive discipline and your role in the discipline process.

When you complete the entire program, you will receive a certificate recognizing your achievement.

Who Should Attend:

Newly appointed individuals in a lead position or experienced lead persons seeking to further develop and obtain a basic foundation of supervisory skills.

If You're Located in WI, IL, IA:

  • Please refer to Frontline Leadership Certificate Series for lead training.

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