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Keeping the Team on Track

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Leading Effective Teams Certificate Series

When teams get off track, it's up to the team leader to steer them back on course. In this program, you will examine typical ways teams go astray and then practice techniques for getting the teams back on track. You will learn to lead your team through goal-setting and problem-solving processes, plan and conduct useful (and fun!) meetings, and personally address disruptive group and employee behaviors.

This is the third of five programs in the Leading Effective Teams Certificate Series.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss steps of goal setting and problem solving/process improvement.
  • Implement steps to plan, conduct, and follow up meetings.
  • Identify and discuss meeting roles and rules.
  • Use tools and techniques such as the affinity diagram, brainstorming, and multi voting.
  • Apply discussion and questioning skills.
  • Identify remedies for common meeting problems.

Who Should Attend:

Participants are leaders of departmental, cross-functional, or project teams who may or may not have direct authority over team members. The content of this series is also appropriate for individuals in a management/supervisory role moving from a traditional organizational structure to a team-oriented environment.

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