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As a manager, you have positional power to direct your team in what needs to be done. But what happens when you need something done by a peer or upper management so that your team can reach its goals? Influence is your only option. If you have poor relationships with those you seek to influence, you’re already set up to fail. Building trust and considering what’s in it for those you wish to influence are paramount. In this course, you’ll unwrap the secrets to influencing others so you can get what you need even when you lack the ability to order someone to give it to you.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize and develop behaviors that demonstrate credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Apply techniques for persuasion that help influence without being manipulative.
  • Uncover the needs of others, recognize resistance, and use effective communication in interpersonal influence.
  • Plan positive, persuasive messages utilizing strategies that gain commitment. 

Who Should Attend:

Leaders, managers, supervisors, sales professionals, recruiters, buyers, and individuals who need to influence others, make collaborative decisions, and reach win-win agreements.

Increasing Influence

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