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Diplomacy and Tact


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You know your hot buttons, the triggers that are most likely to cause a quick retort you'll later regret. This program will help you build and polish the vital skills of diplomacy and tact. It's challenging to be tactful and diplomatic in times of stress, pressure, or disagreement, but with proven strategies, an interactive program, and an expert instructor, you won't have to sit on your hands or bite your tongue. After increasing your awareness of how you currently respond to difficult situations, you'll learn techniques to "keep calm and carry on," stay focused, and communicate in a professional way. Takeaways include practical techniques to address differences of opinion and differences in perspectives that will help you work toward positive outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine your self-awareness to improve your image.
  • Recognize and describe others' perceptions.
  • Use strategies to identify areas of agreement and ways to influence others.
  • Identify and apply helpful behavior changes you need or want to make.

Who Should Attend:

Managers, supervisors, leaders, and employees who need to gain cooperation, influence, or negotiate with others in difficult or less-than-ideal work situations.

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