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This advanced customer service program addresses the necessary knowledge and skill sets for account managers and those dealing with long-term, repeat customers to achieve true "business partner" status over time. Proven reliability and caring, combined with insight into the unique needs of an individual customer, provides new opportunities for both parties. These opportunities arise from partnering conversations and interaction, even when business needs are quiet.


During the on-demand webinar, you will learn about business acumen. You will bring your findings from the webinar to apply in the instructor-led class. The class will provide practical application of how to structure a customer-focused conversation that will allow you to anticipate needs and offer ideas of value-added service that exceed their expectations.

This comprehensive package includes:

Pre-class on-demand webinar: Understand Your Customer's Business. (required)

Learning Objectives:

  • Define business acumen and its impact.
  • Identify your customer's major problems and opportunities.
  • Examine ways to acquire information about your customer's business.
  • Develop key questions that demonstrate your desire to understand your customer's world and challenges.

Classroom instruction (half-day)

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how a business conversation is different than a social conversation.
  • Name the steps of the business conversation framework.
  • Develop and practice conversation topics and questions that identify opportunities.
  • Determine possible touch points in the "space between" interactions.
  • List five tactics you can take to increase your confidence in business conversations.

Who Should Attend:

Account managers, Customer Service Excellence series graduates, or anyone with long-term repetitive relationships with customers, who have the goal of becoming a true business partner.

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