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Coaching for Development - Integrated Approach for Managers

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Successful leaders put time and energy into employee development. While your company sets the policies and provides resources, you, the manager, work directly with employees to prepare and execute development plans. Well executed development plans bring benefits on many levels: results for the organization, higher morale and loyalty to managers, and increases in employee engagement.

Employee development happens only if managers make it a priority. In this interactive program, you'll learn powerful techniques to combine coaching with daily work activities and achieve immediate work goals while developing competencies. The integration of developmental coaching saves time and enhances employee satisfaction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Integrate employee development into daily work.
  • Demonstrate skills for developmental coaching.
  • Apply time-saving techniques to combine coaching with daily activities.

Who Should Attend:

For managers with direct reports who want to grow talent and improve their work group performance.

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