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The above named person is participating in [Company's] 360 Survey. This questionnaire survey is a constructive way to help leaders discover their strengths, as well as areas for further development regarding the behavioral competencies of their position.

We make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of this information. [Outside Consultant] will not share the raw results of this survey with anyone. Your answers to the items will be combined and averaged with other responses in the report and/or graph form presented to the above-named person. However, it is possible that the person being evaluated will be able to identify the source of the information from the nature of the comments.

The only person whose identity will be known as a respondent is the manager, as there is usually only one person in that category. Thus, both their numeric and narrative responses will be attributable. The individual numeric and narrative responses of direct reports, coworkers/peers, and customers will be identified within a category format but the name is never identified.

Your candid responses to the survey items are valued and appreciated. Thank you for your participation.

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