MRA Edge September/October 2022

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Helping to Solve the Compensation and Benefits Puzzle

Letter From the Editor: The Compensation and Benefits Puzzle

Compensation has been a common theme in HR conversations over the past year. If not the main topic, it was at least the underlying theme. Additional words, such as transparency, compression, and geographic assessments have become projects rather than talking points in many organizations that strive to find their competitive compensation advantage.

But compensation may not be the only solution. When budgets do not allow room for across-the-board pay increases, creativity leads some organizations to look toward benefits. The emphasis is on total rewards and being able to deliver the complete package to recruits and existing employees.

This issue intentionally includes a few Q & A formatted articles, to mimic the environment we are immersed in. Finding the perfect compensation and benefit mix is as challenging as a game of Wordle—trying to find the right answer with no clues, waiting to see if the box will turn green, adjust if it is yellow, and try again if there is nothing. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide clues to conquer Wordle, but this issue of MRA Edge, along with the recent Compensation Trends Survey, may provide tools to help you solve the talent puzzle.

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