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Brené Brown recently did a podcast where she referred to her past self as a chameleon—someone who was constantly changing to please those around her. Doesn’t that sound like the HR world since COVID-19 joined the scene?

It finally feels as if we are able to shift in a different direction—slightly. What does moving forward look like? We find ourselves hoping that some of the energy that was spent on survival can be transitioned toward planning for growth and opportunities.

It’s time to set new goals! For some, that may mean reducing your open positions. For others, it may mean bringing employees back to in-person work environments. Still, for others, it may be planning the best way to share the success of surviving the pandemic.

Regardless of what your transition looks like, remember that it is also a transition for your employees. Compensation, benefits, career opportunities, and a sense of belonging are still front of mind for them. We’ve created this issue of MRA Edge to help you move away from chameleon-mode and toward making the transition.

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