MRA Edge September/October 2019

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Perhaps you watched To Kill a Mockingbird in school or read the beloved novel. In it, Atticus Finch tells his daughter, Scout, that you really can’t understand people until you consider things from their point of view, until you climb into their skin and walk around. In that scene, Atticus is teaching his young child about empathy - an essential skill in communicating well with others, and one we teach in our leadership and communication classes.

We work with all types of leaders in business: formal, informal, executive, professional, middle management, and front line supervisors. And yet, do we really know what goes on in their day-to-day? This edition of MRA Edge looks at leadership through their lens, whether a CEO, manager, or an HR Director.

When you can put yourself in someone’s shoes to better understand their experiences, challenges, and thought processes, it helps you become a better leader.

MRA Edge September/October 2019