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As we near the end of another pandemic-laden year, we are all starting to make plans for what will come next. While we are immersed in strategic planning and budgets, let us not forget there are other things to focus on as well. How will you go from what you’ve learned and use it during your planning and progress for next year? In other words, how will you turn the corner?

Most people take corners one of two ways. The more aggressive approach is to hit the gas, grip the wheel, and lean into them. This involves risk but can also bring great reward if well executed. Others take a more conservative approach to corners and pump the brake, look in every direction, and proceed with caution. This method relies more on past experiences and proven methods.

Neither technique is better or worse, or more or less effective. Consider your risk tolerance as you approach this next corner. Are the experiences of the past year encouraging you to lean into the corner, or to slow down and let momentum pull you through it? This edition of MRA Edge is created to help you navigate the turn.

MRA Edge November/December 2021 Cover