MRA Edge November/December 2019

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Teams. Working together for the greater good. Take sports teams— they cultivate physical skills, dependability, dedication, and hopefully a winning record. (Speaking of sports teams, we sat down with the Milwaukee Bucks and talked about the organization’s incredible customer experience program, see page 8).

And then there are work teams. The need to understand and embrace different personality types and communication styles for a successful experience is crucial. We explore this in “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work,” an article from two MRA experts who get into what it takes to create and manage workplace teams that thrive.

Teamwork is essential to solving challenging problems both at work and in our communities. Working as a group can ignite some healthy competition, inspiring teammates to go beyond what they thought was possible. So, welcome to the November/December MRA Edge, where this edition’s motto is: Together everyone achieves more.

MRA Edge cover November/December 2019