MRA Edge March/April 2021

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Reflect on this phrase as it relates to culture: “If you were to throw away your handbook, would your employees still know your mission, vision, and values and act accordingly?” In other words, do they truly understand your culture?

We experience the culture of our organization with every interaction, every email, every development opportunity, and every recognition. Recent research tells us that employees are more apt to stay when they are appreciated, involved in decisions that affect their work, encouraged to develop, paid fairly, and understand how their contribution helps the organization and the community at large. In a nutshell, employees want to work within a culture that is supportive and aligns with their values.

We’ve devoted this edition of MRA Edge to talking about culture. It’s undeniable that the way we live and work has changed. Organizations that can un-stick their culture to adapt to the modern world will reap the rewards of keeping their most valuable asset: their people.

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