MRA Edge January/February 2021

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We’ve had a lot on our plates this past year. One thing is clear: there is no looking back. We are paving the way toward the future, which is the theme for this edition of the MRA Edge.

In HR, we are prone to working in reactive mode much of the time, and this past year was no exception. Responding to shut-downs, remote work arrangements, employee safety, and increased absences from work has us preparing new policies, different working shifts, and sometimes even taking temperatures. We got good at it, and we got by.

But now is the time to learn from what we experienced, and think differently about what it will take to thrive as a growing business in the future. That may mean innovative workforce models, new leadership competencies, more efficient technology, and a focus on culture and engagement, the likes of which we have never seen before.

It's an exciting time for HR. It may not feel like it at the moment—however, the notion of “what’s possible” is here and waiting for your response.

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