Hot Topic Survey: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives have become a top priority for many companies, while others are just beginning to take steps toward putting them in place. The approach ranges from providing resources for employees to hiring individuals dedicated to promoting DEI within the workplace and neighboring communities.

DEI is a journey of awareness and action. When it is well-executed, it can have a direct effect on the bottom line, engagement, recruiting, and the community; however, there is no one program that works for every company. Establishing goals and metrics is key to making any DEI program successful, but understanding the wants and needs of employees as well as having the support of leadership is also crucial to a program’s success. Each organization is at a different stage of the process and has or will implement different tools to achieve established goals.

Published June 2022

2022 Hot Topic Survey: DEI