Engagement Activities for Remote Workers

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Remote work does not mean employees need to socially isolate from one another. Employers and managers are encouraged to foster opportunities for employees to connect, engage, and interact with one another to continue to build and enhance company culture.

Here are a few ideas to help employees stay engaged while working remotely:

  • Meditation Mondays – 30-minute session with a guided instructor or YouTube video.
  • Wellness Wednesday – 15-minute sessions on various wellness topics, such as:
    • Chair Yoga  
    • Chair Workout  
    • Walk It Out Wednesday
    • Financial Wellness, from a financial advisor
    • Mental Health Wellness, from EAP vendor
    • Nutrition topic
  • Name that Baby Game – Employees submit baby photos and employees need to guess which photo belongs to which employee.
  • Virtual Talent Show – Employees and family members participate virtually by performing a 1-2 minute act.
  • Virtual Coffee Breaks – Plan 15-minute phone calls to another employee.
  • Virtual Happy Hour – 15-minute social time for small groups to connect via video platform.
  • Workout Group – A series of exercises with increasing increments at your own pace, such as push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, etc. Consider a daily challenge, such as 10 jumping jacks per hour throughout the day. A new challenge is communicated daily.
  • Themes for video conference meeting – Tropical attire, funky hat, flannel shirts, sunglasses, etc.
  • Recipe Swap – Post and share a new or favorite recipe on SharePoint or another technology platform.
  • Photo Exchange – Post photos of family, pets, work from home stations.
  • Virtual celebrations for birthdays or anniversaries – Hang signs in the background, wear birthday hats, sing.
  • Email virtual flowers to a co-worker.
  • Send a hand-written card of gratitude or thanks to a co-worker.
  • Post a daily message of gratitude.
  • Kick-off virtual meetings with an ice-breaker activity. Example – Meeting leaders describes something that everyone needs to draw. Then, each person shares their drawing.
  • Send a care package to remote workers with simple items for home or work, such as puzzle books, stress balls, highlighters, notepad, favorite candy, fuzzy socks, candles, or company swag.