Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Policy and Procedure

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The XYZ Company Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan is designed to ensure that all employees remain safe in the event of an “occurrence”. It is essential that we are in a position to continue the provision of services. Our plan also focuses on the continuance of all operations and that locations are expeditiously and fully restored.

The XYZ Company Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan will assist in effectively planning for and acting during an emergency or disaster that might otherwise impact XYZ Company operations and/or resulting services. It will also ensure appropriate and timely communication during any disaster or crisis event.

For the purposes of this Plan, a disaster or emergency is defined as any event or circumstance that may significantly impact personal safety and/or the operations of XYZ Company, whether locally, regionally, or nationally. This includes any sudden, unexpected occurrence, natural or human-caused, which poses a significant threat to XYZ Company employees, facilities, assets, records, and delivery of services.

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