2023 National Sales Compensation Survey Executive Summary

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The 2023 National Sales Compensation Survey evaluates the current market compensation for sales-related roles, intending to provide accurate information for compensation planning for your organization.

Today’s market conditions and economic climate play a role in keeping an organization’s sales team motivated and rewarded. When an organization’s sales team works harder to achieve goals that were easily attained just a few years ago, they may not fully consider that the economy is working against them. Keeping performancebased employees such as sales representatives engaged can be more challenging than ever. To help, companies have begun looking beyond base pay adjustments and are offering bonuses, long-term incentives, and more. Creating a competitive and robust total rewards package can help with employee satisfaction, engagement, and commitment to an organization.

Giving top sales talent a reason to accept a job offer or remain in a position within an organization long-term can be crucial to the success of an organization. The information provided in this survey will help you understand the current market compensation of sales roles.

2023 National Sales Compensation Survey