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Stay on top of the ever-changing world of HR with MRA's 30 minute THRIVE.

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30 minute THRIVE Podcast

Join MRA’s 30-minute THRIVE podcast, your ultimate source for the latest HR trends and best practices. Hear from industry experts and thought leaders as they share insights and expertise on HR services, learning and development, talent management, and total rewards.

Get actionable and practical advice to help HR professionals stay up-to-date with the latest HR trends including: innovative L&D strategies, recruitment and retention, and the latest trends in compensation and benefits.

Whether you’re an experienced HR professional or just starting out in your career, the podcast offers something for everyone in the HR field. Subscribe to MRA’s 30 minute THRIVE podcast today and join a community committed to helping HR professionals THRIVE!

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  • About Us

    About Us

    Helping You Thrive:

    30 minute THRIVE Podcast: Jim & Sophie

    As the largest employer association in the nation, MRA helps its members, organizations, and HR professionals thrive by offering comprehensive HR services, talent management, learning and organization development opportunities, and total rewards planning. Headquartered in Wisconsin, MRA has regional offices in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Ohio. It’s your time to THRIVE! Listen to MRA’s 30 minute THRIVE podcast.

    Dynamic and Flexible Setting:

    The 30 minute THRIVE podcast seamlessly blends inperson and virtual interactions. The podcast is recorded in the MRA recording studio, specially designed to capture high-quality audio and create a professional atmosphere. To accommodate guests who may not be able to attend in person, the podcast also embraces virtual recordings over Zoom. This approach broadens the reach of the podcast, enabling HR professionals and experts from across the Midwest to participate and share their insights.

    Intended Impact:

    30 minute THRIVE Podcast: Amanda & Sophie

    30 minute THRIVE empowers HR professionals and business leaders by providing solutions to their challenges and fostering continuous learning. By featuring industry experts, thought leaders, and practical insights, the podcast aims to keep its target audience informed about the latest HR trends, best practices, and innovative strategies. The podcast’s engaging format, with both in-person and virtual interviews, creates a dynamic and accessible learning experience, attracting listeners who seek valuable content to thrive in their HR careers and make a positive impact in their organizations.

  • Show Format and Schedule

    Show Format and Publishing Schedule

    Show Format:

    • Podcast Intro: 2 minutes
    • Episode Intro: 1 minute
    • Interview: 15-25 minutes
    • Episode Outro: 1 minute
    • Podcast Outro: 2 minutes
    • Complete Podcast: 30 minutes

    Publishing Schedule:

    Tune in every other Wednesday for the latest episode.

  • Summary



    MRA’s 30 minute THRIVE podcast is delivered by HR industry experts. In each episode, we bring you valuable insights on the latest HR trends, learning & development (L&D), talent management strategies, and total rewards. Whether you’re a seasoned HR professional or just starting in the field, join us as we dive deep into crucial topics, have insightful interviews with industry leaders, and discuss best practices that will help you excel in your HR role. Get ready to thrive in your career with MRA’s 30 minute THRIVE podcast!

    Top Episodes:

    1. Episode #14: Train to Win Your Emerging Leaders | Guest: Kate Walker, VP, Learning & Development | 445 downloads
    2. Episode #32: Talent Takeover: What Recruiters Need to Know | Guest: Jennifer Trucks, Recruiter Business Partner | 302 downloads
    3. Episode #19: No Degree, No Experience, No Job? Tap Into Nontraditional Talent | Guest: Amanda Derks, Recruiter | 301 downloads


    The ideal audience for 30 minute THRIVE is HR professionals in the Midwest who value continuous learning. They are passionate about staying updated on the latest HR trends and best practices. They prefer content that fits into their busy schedules. They are looking for insights to excel in their careers.

    30 minute THRIVE Podcast: Audience Map

  • Testimonials


    Jess Pettitt

    "Being a guest on 30 minute THRIVE is a casual conversational breeze! Great questions and consistent pre-communication always leads to a great conversation!"

    Jess Pettitt
    Diversity & Leadership Keynote Speaker


    Gina Bounds

    "Thanks MRA for this podcast! Most HR professionals I know fight the same battle understanding all the ins and outs of FMLA and leave for employees. 30 minute THRIVE did an exceptional job explaining and breaking down all the nuances of FMLA."

    Gina Bounds
    Senior Human Resources Specialist


    Tricia Shields

    "I look to mra’s podcast, 30 minute THRIVE for opportunities to hear about hot topics in business and it was great to be a part of that global conversation."

    Tricia Shields
    Human Resources Leader


    Missing media item.

    "MRA’s ability to drive conversations around HR topics has helped me understand the industry, where it’s going, and how I can contribute as an individual to create a better work place for myself and my colleagues."

    Ingrid Leask
    Member Relations Manager

  • Questions? Contact Us!

    Questions? Contact Us!

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    Sara Benjamin

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    Sophie is dedicated to exploring diverse topics and engaging guests with meaningful questions. Your go-to companion for thoughtfully curated discussions that spark inspiration and connection. Sara’s design prowess knows no bounds. She’s not just a designer; she’s a design powerhouse, showcasing her ability to seamlessly blend creativity with organizational goals.
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    Media Kit

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