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Diversity & Inclusion Conversations at Work: Step Out or Lean In? - Webinar

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Diversity and Inclusion

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Workplaces are diverse environments comprised of employees with many different backgrounds and experiences. Employees want to say the "right thing" to each other but are not always comfortable broaching discussions around race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and other facets of diversity that impact the workplace. Too often, leaders are at a loss to know how to effectively manage sensitive workplace conversations. Instead of shying away, leaders - and all employees - can seek to engage in conversations and model understanding that will lead to greater inclusivity. This timely webinar will provide a framework for holding constructive conversations that promote a welcoming, comfortable, and inclusive work culture for all employees, resulting in greater engagement, empathy and stronger teams.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the critical roles diversity and inclusion play in a positive work culture.
  • Introduce a conversation framework for managing employees and engaging with peers with differing perspectives.
  • Promote trust and empathy within teams.
  • Review what you should and should not say, including language for interrupting inappropriate discourse on the job.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone looking to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, especially leaders at all levels, HR professionals, and professionals who may or may not have direct authority over team members, yet have influence in the workgroup.

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