Battling Bully in the Workplace

Battling Bullying in the Workplace

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One-fifth of American adults have directly experienced abusive conduct at work, according to a 2017 Workplace Bullying Institute survey. Left unchecked, workplace bullying leads to increased stress, reduced productivity, and harm to the physical and emotional well-being of staff members. 


It’s up to everyone in your organization to acknowledge that bullying is unacceptable, recognize bullying behavior, and work to prevent it. Attend this webinar and learn to spot and stop workplace bullying while ensuring employees are comfortable, safe, and productive in a bully-free workplace. 


Learning Objectives:

·   Define workplace bullying

·   Identify the importance of a “respectful workplace”

·   Recognize forms of bullying behavior, including social media and texting 

·   Differentiate between workplace bullying, illegal discrimination and harassment

·   Illustrate ways to confront and stop workplace bullying

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