Harassment Arm on Shoulder

Harassment Prevention

Workplace harassment creates an unhealthy and unproductive work environment.

A solid line of defense to workplace harassment is preparation and prevention

  • How prepared is your organization in dealing with inappropriate workplace behavior?
  • Have you implemented policies and training to raise awareness and set guidelines for work conduct?
  • Do you have a plan to handle harassment complaints and investigations carefully and quickly?

MRA can Partner with You

MRA has expert resources, tools and training to help you prepare and prevent sexual harassment and, if needed, 3rd party confidential investigations.

Colleen Vollbrecht

Rockline Industries has been utilizing MRA’s Respect in the Workplace training for the past two years to train managers and associates. These training modules are very professional, but more importantly, reflect our values and support how we expect people to work together at Rockline. The training has provided us a cost-effective and sustainable method to train over 2,000 associates located across six different locations annually.

Colleen Vollbrecht, Rockline Industries
Investigation: Magnify Glass
Conducting Workplace Investigations: Advanced Workshop
Reference & Background Investigations
Harassment Prevention
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