(Webinar Recording) Navigating the Changing Dynamics of Substance Abuse at Work


(Webinar Recording) Navigating the Changing Dynamics of Substance Abuse at Work
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Given the growing prevalence of medical marijuana use, prescription drug abuse, alcohol addiction, and the opioid epidemic, how can employers address this challenging and changing environment? Providing for a safe work environment while assisting even a few workers can be a balancing act. This session will examine HR and management’s role in maintaining a safe, productive and healthy workplace by staying educated and current with substance abuse. We will address organizational best practices that can help improve attitudes towards getting help with substance abuse challenges to positively affect your business with reduced absenteeism and increased productivity. The advantages of having an EAP partnership will be discussed, to the benefit of both employers and employees - improving lives as well as profits.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve awareness about substances of abuse with special attention to alcohol, opioids, and marijuana.
  • Examine workplace compliance and safety related to drug and alcohol use.
  • Discuss what organizations are doing to improve the safety, productivity, and wellness of their employees.
  • Leverage and better utilize organizational benefits such as Employee Assistance Programs and Drug-Free workplace policies 

Who Should Attend:

All HR professionals and managers will benefit from understanding how to promote a safe, productive, and healthy workplace.