Harassment Prevention (eLearning): Creating a Respectful Workplace (Manager)


Harassment Prevention (eLearning): Creating a Respectful Workplace (Manager)
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Credit Information

HRCI Credits:

Amidst current sexual harassment complaints, workplace scandals, and the #MeToo movement, this training for nonsupervisory employees will explore the types of behavior that constitute harassment or are deemed inappropriate in a professional environment. Learn about your responsibility to report such conduct and the consequences for engaging in behavior that violates your company’s anti-harassment policy. Discover your role in ensuring the workplace is comfortable, safe, and harassment-free.


Learning Objectives:

  • Describe a respectful workplace.
  • Discuss how intention is different from impact and why that matters.
  • Demonstrate the steps to report any concerns.
  • Identify your role in maintaining a harassment-free workplace.

Who Should Attend:

All supervisors / managers will benefit from having an awareness and understanding of harassment and their role in supporting a harassment-free workplace.

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