Keeping on Top of Federal Law Changes

April 30, 2024
Workplace Weekly
HR Compliance
Read time: 2 mins

You are not alone if you feel things have been changing more quickly than ever in the federal law landscape. I have been practicing law since 1997 and have not experienced a more eventful 12-month period of legal changes. From the new Pregnant Workers Fairness Act to changes in union organization procedures, from the non-compete final rule to the change in the overtime exemption salary threshold, we have seen an unprecedented number of changes. What is the best way to keep on top of all these changes without feeling overwhelmed? Here are three key things to consider.

First, make sure you are connected to helpful resources. MRA’s bi-weekly “Inside HR” is a great resource for learning what you need to know about upcoming legal developments. I always like going to the original source, too. The relevant federal agencies tend to have helpful resources on their websites. For example, the Department of Labor posted Frequently Asked Questions, a Fact Sheet, and an infographic on its webpage addressing the new Independent Contractor rule. 

Second, understand the legal landscape before your organization takes official action in response to a new rule. Some rules, such as the Federal Trade Commission’s rule addressing non-compete agreements, are being challenged as we speak in federal court. Of course, no one can guarantee the outcome of a court case, but take advantage of your legal and HR compliance resources before taking any action that cannot be easily undone.

Third, consider the training that your company may need to comply with new requirements. For example, the final rule implementing the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act lays out how employees, their family members, or representatives can make pregnancy or childbirth-related limitations known to the company. You’ll want to make sure your managers and supervisors are prepared for those kinds of conversations and know what steps to take.

Keeping up with the changes may feel like another full-time job on top of your already busy schedule, but it is worth the time and effort.  Stay connected to the MRA website for many updates. We have just added a webinar on the new FSLA changes May 17: Be sure to tune in!