Workplace Gift Giving 101

December 12, 2018
Read time: 1 min

It’s the holidays! Should managers give small gifts to their employees to celebrate the season? We say YES! And here’s why.

Holiday Gift in Office

  • A gift shows your appreciation. The holidays are the perfect time to show your employees that you appreciate all they do throughout the year.
  • Holiday giving adds to your organization’s culture. A positive workplace culture is important for every company. Enjoying the holidays with employees promotes an inclusive culture, and that’s good for everyone.
  • Gifts boost morale. Receiving a gift is exciting and makes employees feel good about themselves and the company they work for. Don’t miss an opportunity for positivity.
  • A holiday gift can reinforce your company’s purpose. Give a gift that represents the clients your company serves. If you’re not a service-driven company, give a gift that embodies what your company does.