Turn HR Upside Down

October 26, 2018
Read time: 1 min


At the recent MRA event Disrupt: The Rebellious Future of HR in Minneapolis, some awesome information was exchanged, while energizing, informing, and empowering local HR pros.

Here are some hot topics that got the crowd fired up:
  • Be sure to look at work experience, which may be more valuable than a degree. Don’t make the mistake of weeding out applicants who are missing the education you think they need for a position.
  • Freelancers are going to be a much bigger part of the future workforce. Employers should get prepared to hire people on a per-project basis and to have fewer employees on staff.
  • Marketing and HR are starting to look the same. HR is now developing ways to grow employer awareness and to brand their companies as great places to work—jobs often done by marketing specialists.