MRA’s Hot Topic Survey on Remote Work

June 23, 2020
Press Release
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MRA’s Hot Topic Survey on Remote Work

MILWAUKEE, WI (June 23, 2020) Will organizations broaden their remote work options, rethink their future business model, reimagine their top talent strategies, and become even more flexible? MRA’s latest Hot Topic Survey indicates 62 percent of respondents allow employees remote work options. In addition, 24 percent are currently reviewing their long-term strategy and may offer remote work on a permanent basis.  


The top three reasons why organizations allow remote work:

  • 65% Continuity of operations in unforeseen business circumstances or disaster
  • 34% Ability to attract and retain employees
  • 33% Alignment with philosophies around work-life flexibility


From a business operations point-of-view, MRA’s survey shows a benefit of remote work is that it promotes safety; supports social distancing during the pandemic (83%). The greatest challenge of remote from a business operations standpoint is managing performance/productivity (66%).


Strategies businesses are implementing to address remote work challenges include:

  • 49% Implementing new platforms and methods for communications
  • 45% Revising remote work policies and procedures
  • 45% Implementing new technology to support remote workers


Impact of remote work on business metrics shows the most significant improvement in employee satisfaction/engagement (57%), along with no change in the quality of work performed (60%).


Organizations are finding remote work offers a greater opportunity to attract talent, exercise flexibility, remain competitive, and engage employees. While remote work may not be a strategy for all, MRA suggests finding a balance and fit within an organization’s culture is key.


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