Considering an Intern? Go for it.

May 15, 2020
MRA Edge
Talent Management
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What’s better than a motivated, eager-to-learn, hard worker? We don’t know either. Someone who wants to work in your field and shows up ready to go? Yes, please. The intern is a wonderful thing!

We know that some organizations are re-evaluating their summer or school-year internship programs due to financial and safety concerns related to the pandemic. Those that rely heavily on interns as the future pipeline of talent are moving forward by reconstructing workspaces and reconfiguring remote work to keep it going. On the fence? Check out these valuable benefits interns bring to the table.

Intern 2

  • You can evaluate talent without a commitment. It’s kind of like test driving a car. You can check to see if you like this person’s work ethic, style, and how he or she fits with the organization before signing on the dotted line.
  • They keep the pipeline going. Even if your interns aren’t in the market for a regular job quite yet, before too long they will be. Keeping track of the good ones allows you to swoop in and hire them when the time is right.
  • Get a glimpse into the future workforce. Having interns lets you see what makes a certain age group tick. By knowing what motivates them you can prepare to offer what they want when they graduate.
  • It’s an opportunity to develop your current workforce. The next time Wanda in Creative Services mentions she’d like to be in management, have her manage the department’s next intern. It’s a perfect way to see if she’s got what it takes.
  • They give you candid feedback on the inner workings of your organization. An intern’s exit interview can be worth its weight in gold. Interns tend to be very straightforward about their experiences during their internship, telling you what worked and what didn’t. This priceless intel provides opportunities to find gaps within your organization.
  • Free brand exposure. When Grant is done with his gig at your company, he’ll tell everyone he knows about what an awesome experience he had during his internship there. And chances are many of those people are in Grant’s major, and now their interest is piqued in your company.

The icing on the cake? According to MRA’s recent Hiring Interns Hot Topics Survey, 94 percent of employers think interns are worthwhile.

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