Reference and Background Investigations: Choose a Vendor Wisely

August 21, 2019
Inside HR
Reference & Background Investigations
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It’s true. A bad hire costs time and money and can put your organization at risk. In the past few years, there’s been a dramatic increase in legal action against employers related to noncompliant background screening practices. That reality makes it critical for employers to choose their third-party vendors wisely in this area.

From education and employment verifications to criminal investigations and in-depth reference interviews, MRA’s Reference and Background Investigations (RBI) experts provide the guidance and services you need in this important area.

So, why do employers choose MRA to complete their RBI reports? Because we set ourselves apart from other vendors—in several important ways.

  • Technology. TazWorks is the leading solutions-driven technology provider for the background screening industry. Gone are the days of a paper-based process. MRA’s use of TazWorks ensures employers a hassle-free process, saving time while showcasing the company as tech-savvy and forward-focused.
  • A great candidate experience. Nothing is more important than winning over the talent you want on your team. MRA’s RBI experts build each candidate a customized link branded for that employer with the company logo, a tailored welcome message, and personalized instructions. Of course, the link is smartphone accessible, ready whenever and wherever the candidates are.
  • Fast, accurate turnaround. Today, it’s imperative for organizations to know who they’re bringing on board. The correct search brings with it a better understanding of your candidates and current employees. Members are able to order with the click of a button and our fast turnaround time gets the accurate results back quickly, allowing you to fill positions in a snap. Our RBI services are all a la carte and we only use repository court information for investigations, never public records from a state’s circuit court access system which can be incomplete.>
  • Only what you need. Most organizations run checks on all employees, but some don’t run relevant ones. For instance, credit information isn’t important for every new hire. MRA doesn’t check for things you don’t need. We talk with members about what they are looking for and search for their specific needs, saving them money along the way.
  • We’ve got your back. Over the past decade, it has been reported that employers have paid millions of dollars to resolve class action lawsuits alleging violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) rules on the use of background check reports on job applicants. MRA members who use our easy online platform for \Reference and Background Investigation Services can rest assured knowing that we partner with an employment law attorney to continuously update our forms reflecting the most recent FCRA interpretations to ensure compliance.

Have questions about background screening? Want to see MRA’s awesome RBI technology? Reach out to Valerie Grube, Director, Recruiting, Background Investigations & Retention Services at 262.696.3678 and learn more.