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Principles of Leadership Excellence Certificate Series

"Command and control" leadership no longer works well, if it ever did. Today's managers must build trust and influence to get the best results from their people. Focusing on behaviors that promote trust in all areas of one's professional life, you will learn why and how to build a stronger, more trust-filled environment with direct reports, managers, colleagues, customers, and suppliers. Leaders who hold themselves accountable to the results of their decisions find their people more apt to do the same.

Learning Objectives:

  • Differentiate leader and manager, and determine which role is situationally most appropriate. 
  • Describe the effective uses of influential and positional power. 
  • Assess the current state of your work relationships (manager, peers, direct reports), and plan to increase the effectiveness of each.
  • Discover three “winning ways” leaders demonstrate personal accountability in owning their choices. 
  • Use four essential elements to design a plan that builds greater trust and respect at work. 
  • Identify three ways to value the diversity in your team.
  • Practice the three steps of MRA’s Diagnostic Direction® Model to adjust your leadership style to an employee’s specific need at the correct time. 
  • Incorporate the results of a 360-Degree Leadership Survey into one’s managerial development.

Who Should Attend:

For newly appointed supervisors, managers, and professionals, as well as for individuals with management potential, looking for in-depth strategies with practical application.

Program Details: Trust and Influence

Program Details

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