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Principles of Leadership Excellence Certificate Series

Applying your organization's vision and strategy, while building effective company culture, is vital to successful leadership. If you focus solely on daily productivity in a nose-to-the-grindstone fashion, you neglect the crucial ingredient of building morale and motivating your employees to greater productivity and increased engagement. This module concentrates on the skills you need to strike just the right balance. You will learn how to work to strategic objectives and help your employees create complementary goals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe cultural norms within your organization and work group.
  • Describe two essential components of vision and strategic plans.
  • Implement strategies to align departmental goals with company goals.
  • Follow a process to develop a communication and integration plan for goals.
  • Create a departmental purpose statement using a three-step process.
  • Design goals that align and integrate daily work with the organization’s vision, mission, and strategy.    
  • Link vision and strategy to employee engagement.
  • Explore the use of motivational theories to create engagement.
  • Use the motivational concepts of praise and consequences to increase productivity and foster engagement.
  • Recognize the impact of generational trends when motivating the workforce.

Who Should Attend:

New and experienced supervisors, managers, and professionals as well as for individuals with management potential looking for in-depth strategies with practical application.

Program Details: PLX 3 Culture, Motivation & Goals

Program Details

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