Hot Topic Survey: Hiring Interns & Seasonal Employees

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Internship programs have been a popular method of acquiring talent. Well-established internship programs have created long-lasting employees. Eager students looking to gain real-world experience may already be knocking on your door in search of an internship.

Of the participants answering this study, 79 percent will be or are considering hiring an intern this year. As talent acquisition challenges have seen changes to starting pay, the responses seem to indicate that unpaid internships are becoming an offer of the past. Only 18 percent of organizations offer some unpaid internships, with 5 percent of organizations offering only unpaid internships. Job duties, year in school, and previous internships are the top characteristics that define the pay for interns, though 14 percent of respondents pay all intern positions regardless of other factors. Flexible work schedules, remote work opportunities, and mentorship programs top some of the key benefits organizations are promoting for interns.

Many different strategies of recruiting interns are shown in this study, with partnerships of colleges/ schools being the most popular (27 percent), though word of mouth, employee referrals, and continuous recruiting effort are also popular. The majority of intern positions are established to assist in operational tasks or contribute on existing projects and are less likely to be offered for positions of leadership on a main or innovative project for an organization. Most respondents see internships as the first step towards a full-time role within the organization for a candidate. The most popular time respondents hire interns is during the summer months with 45 percent of the respondents indicating they will keep interns for the length of their summer break.

Hiring Interns & Seasonal Employees