Hot Topic Survey: COVID-19 Handbooks


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Our new normal. Three words that have been lobbed out to the universe most of 2020, and the meaning keeps changing as the pandemic wears on. How businesses are embracing today’s work-life has dramatically changed in the last year. From working from home (WFH) to adding employee policies specific to COVID-19, to focusing more than ever on employees’ well-being, it’s safe to say most employers have found themselves scrambling to define their new normal.

Some organizations have been adapting and evolving their policies while others are holding out hope that the pandemic’s modifications to their business are a temporary shift and things can go back to the way they were.

Through a brief survey, MRA asked companies about their current policies regarding COVID-19, what is being planned for the future, and their biggest challenges right now.

Published December 2020

Hot Topic Survey: COVID Handbooks