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If you ask any employer what their biggest challenge is the most common response is finding talent. Even prepandemic, employers struggled with finding qualified candidates. When the pandemic hit, the need didn’t change, but the circumstances shifted. An aging workforce, combined with more people reevaluating what work should look like for them, forced companies to examine engagement and what influences an employee’s choice to stay or go.

Harshly, this is what has been learned—we have some work to do around career paths, growth opportunities, and people leadership. We are still emerging from an unprecedented change in how we work, when we work, and where we work. Several factors make it complicated to find the perfect solution. One is that we have a multigenerational workforce, and each generation has different expectations. Another is the need to recruit and retain the right people in a tight labor market. We can also debate the Great Resignation and quiet quitting, as most companies have experienced some level of each. Clearly, we need to continue evolving the way we lead.

Feedback is the best source of information, especially when it comes directly from employees or former employees. Two key points are commonly shared...

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