HR Leadership Forum

Designed specifically for experienced HR professionals, this monthly forum provides an opportunity to learn about emerging HR developments and leading practices, to help you align your HR role and activities with organizational goals and strategies.

Each two-hour session includes:

  • Hot topic presentation by a subject matter expert
  • Robust topic discussion to share concepts, expand ideas, and identify relevant "take back to the office" content
  • Dynamic learning formats, both in-person and via webinar, as well as a new book club component
  • Networking with HR professional peers
  • Eligibility for two (2) HRCI credits (business and HR credit sessions are available) and two (2) SHRM PDCs***

Register today and chart your HR development course for 2019. If you are interested in registering for only specific sessions, please contact registrations at

The 2019 topic lineup includes:

  • 2/13/2019: HR Predictions – It’s Not for Meteorologists and Bookies**

    Now is the time for bold, forward-thinking HR leaders! CEOs (and other business leaders) expect HR to have a point of view that understands the past, looks to optimize the present, and attempts to predict the future…all in the pursuit of business success. While artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way business gets done, HR can revolutionize what gets done in the business.

    • Discuss AI’s impact on businesses and HR
    • Focus on what matters most while steering clear of "fake" analytics
    • Discover how talent predictions can transform hiring and retention in good (and bad) ways
    • Take your HR data from analytics to prediction to action
  • 3/13/2019: Getting the Best Value Out of Your Company Values*

    Ignite greater workplace effectiveness through successful alignment of employee behaviors to your company values. Explore strategies and tactics to create a culture of consistency, trust, and commitment, resulting in higher productivity and performance.

    • Obtain C-suite buy-in of culture process and accountabilities commitment
    • Define your culture strategy (alignment to mission)
    • Assess your current culture vs. ideal culture (aligning a long range culture with long range strategy plan)
    • Create a gap analysis
    • Take culture to behaviors to accountability
    • Measure culture shift – Return on Culture (ROC)
  • 4/10/2019: HR Disrupted: The Experience Revolution*

    This session will inspire you to create candidate and employee experiences that are as distinctive as your organization is. Stand out from the crowd with innovative recruiting, onboarding and engagement practices, creating legendary experiences to best serve your candidates and employees now, and for years to come...

    • Carve an "experience" path for candidates and employees that is as unique as your company
    • Assess areas of opportunity based on candidate and employee feedback
    • Determine what to disrupt, disregard and make distinctive at each step in the employment life cycle
  • 5/8/2019: Book Discussion – The Cultural Fit Factor: Creating an Employment Brand that Attracts, Retains, and Repels the Right Employees***

    Book is included in the fee.

  • 6/12/2019: Book Discussion – The Cultural Fit Factor: Creating an Employment Brand that Attracts, Retains, and Repels the Right Employees***

    Book is included in the fee.

  • 7/10/2019: New Game, New Players and New Rules of Recruiting in 2019 and Beyond*

    Today’s challenging recruitment market presents a new game with new rules - and new technology. In this webinar, we’ll break down the recruiting process to understand the ‘why’ behind the game-changers you are facing. Understanding the ‘why’ will then help you and your hiring managers play by today’s new recruiting rules to win the most qualified candidates.

    • Place yourself in the candidate’s shoes to leverage the recruiting experience
    • Explore game-changing recruitment techniques
    • Align what your company offers with what today’s candidates are looking for
    • Identify your 'so what?' in attracting top talent
  • 8/14/2019: An Interactive Approach to Conducting Workplace Investigations*

    This session will help HR professionals move through what often seems an investigatory maze and it will help you avoid legal pitfalls of conducting workplace discrimination investigations, plan the investigation properly, learn effective techniques and tips of how to prepare the report, communicate your findings to the accused and the complainant and prepare for future litigation.

    Bonus! This session will also include an update on Legislative Trends affecting your workplace.

    • Review the steps to an effective workplace investigation
    • Identify needed skills, tools, and techniques to complete an investigation
  • 9/11/2019: The Truth About Change: Moving from Surviving to Thriving*

    It’s been said that the only constant in life is change. So why do some people seem to welcome change, adapt, and move forward to new beginning, while others are anxious and stressed? Change is inevitable in the workplace, so it’s better to figure out positive ways for leaders and employees to deal with change and uncertainty. This humorous and uplifting session will:

    • Explore the truths about change
    • Identify practical skills and insights to use change as a catalyst to do and experience more at work
    • Help you, and your workforce, move from surviving to thriving
  • 10/9/2019: Assessing Leadership Effectiveness*

    Organizations across industries are equally dependent on leadership effectiveness to engage their workforce to drive business results. How leaders effectively drive the business and how they define the infrastructure of process and people requires assessment. In this session, we will explore what compels leadership to be assessed, and which assessment process will identify the strengths and weaknesses of leaders, resulting in objective feedback, solutions and development opportunities. We’ll also explore how other companies are tackling leadership assessment.

    • Gain buy-in of executives to be assessed
    • Turn executive/executive team assessment into strategy
    • Determine what you want to measure
    • Select an assessment tool that is objective, informative and actionable
  • 11/13/2019: Special Leadership Event***

    Topic TBD

**Business and *HR credit sessions are available

***For identified select sessions, HRCI and SHRM recertification credits TBD

Fee per session: $95 Member/$125 Nonmember

Fee for the full series: $950 Member/$1,250 Nonmember

Who Should Attend:

Organizational HR leaders (5+ years of experience).

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