Workplace Trends – Post Coronavirus

June 05, 2020
Engagement & Retention
Health & Wellness
Read time: 2 mins


The workplace does not look the same since COVID-19 came to town, and most likely never will. Looking at new ways of doing business, here are four workplace trends that are gaining momentum and four losing their steam.

What’s Hot.

Artificial intelligence (AI). AI is the creation of machines that work and react like humans. It can assist with tasks like screening candidates, identifying high performing job applicants, transcribing language, and verifying people’s identity. And remember, more automation makes social distancing a breeze.

The Employee Experience. It’s never been more important for employees to feel safe and for employers to treat their people well. The business benefits of crafting the right employee experience post-COVID-19 can lead to the all-important engagement and retention.

Mental Health Awareness. With all that’s happening in our world right now, an employee’s mental health needs to be front and center in the workplace. Mental health awareness and care are critical for achieving a healthy workforce.

Flexible Hours and Space. Sound familiar? Most of us have been living this reality since mid-March. A bonus to flexibility with time and space is that it makes for a better work-life balance, which is known to reduce stress, increase productivity, and prevent burnout.

What’s Not.

Open Workspaces. We can’t imagine this will ever be a thing again for one reason...germs tend to spread like wildfire. It’s been proven that people in open workplaces are sick more often than those in an office with cubes or walls...enough said.

Vacation time, sick time, personal time... Instead, try one bucket of time off a year - personal time off (PTO). This covers whatever an employee needs time off. For the win, PTO gives people control over their time and how to use it, which employees find to be a valuable perk.

Fluorescent lighting. Natural light and views boost employee happiness and well-being by an incredible 78 percent. They also improve work satisfaction, employee performance, and commitment. And no one will miss the mild buzzing sound that fluorescent light bulbs make when they are on.

The formal dress code. Getting back to the office will involve getting out of stretchy pants, but we are all adults, and deciding how to dress appropriately for our day on the other side of the pandemic should be the norm.

Workplace trends - you can agree or disagree with them. But not incorporating current trends or hanging on to trends of pre-COVID-19 can make for unhappy employees. And no one wants that.