Tips for Successful Summertime Help

June 06, 2019
Read time: 2 mins

Ah, summertime. It means different things to different people. For managers of temporary summer help, who are often high schoolers and college kids, it means staying patient, being flexible, and on some days, finding your happy place.

With that in mind, here are some practical pointers designed for your summer help, so this season of sunshine can be enjoyed by all.

Hello Summer

1.       If you can’t make it to work, call in. Preferably with enough time to find someone to cover your shift. Ten minutes before you start doesn’t cut it.  

2.       Be on time. That means in your spot ready to go at the start of your shift. Not running in from the parking lot or being “just a few minutes late." Punctuality is important.

3.       Don’t ask to leave early. If it’s slow, let management decide who should leave before quitting time. Sometimes asking to leave early will earn you the closing spot.

4.       Be sure to have a full stomach. There’s almost nothing worse than having to work while you’re really hungry. Do yourself the favor and remember to eat.

5.       Dress for work, not the beach. We know it is summertime, but some clothes aren’t appropriate for work. If you’re in doubt, consider what your mom would say if she could see you walking out the door to your job. If she’d approve, you’re good. If not, try again. (This is a good time to remember #2).