Taking Care of You

May 17, 2019
Health & Wellness
Time Away From Work
Read time: 2 mins

Mental Health

Did you know May is Mental Health Awareness Month? So, this week we are talking about three easy ways you can care for your mental health when it comes to a work/life balance. Because most of us can do a better job with that!

  • Just say no. Saying no to something you don’t have time for (and isn’t a part of your role at work) can be very liberating, and much less taxing on your brain than if you’d said yes. Let’s practice. Envision someone asking you to chair the committee that plans the holiday party. In addition to stressing you out, you really can’t figure out how’d you make that work with your already packed schedule. What do you say? “No.” Good job.
  • Exercise. We aren’t talking about crushing it with a high-intensity cardio workout every day. But do something to move. A walk at work is a perfect example. Take to the halls and stairwells. Or if the weather is nice, get outside for 15 or 20 minutes. We promise work can live without you for a bit. You’ll come back with a healthier mind and body, and as a little bonus, if you go outside, you’ll get some vitamin D from the sun.
  • Take a mental health day. Call it what you like, PTO, personal days, floaters… they are there for you to take when you need them. The next time you’re not feeling like yourself or mentally exhausted and need to check out for a day, do it. You’ll be better off for it.