Takin’ Care of Business – From Your Patio

June 19, 2020
Leadership & Management & Supervision
Read time: 2 mins

Once upon a time, remote work was seen as an exception or perk for positions with certain criteria. That was until COVID-19 showed up. Since then scores of people have been thrust into working from home regardless of their skillsets.

Fast forward to today, where many remote leaders are getting in the groove and are considering making working from home a permanent thing with their remote staff. But… just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Leaders, do you and your employees have what it takes to thrive at home? Check out these qualities that make working remotely look like a walk in the park.

Remote Work

  • Let’s start with self-discipline. It can be tempting to sleep until 10, log in around noon and fire up the grill at 5. A remote worker needs to be motivated to get the work done without someone over their shoulder. They must separate work from home, even though they are in the same space. On the flip side, a successful remote worker knows when to call it quits for the day, walk away and take time to relax.
  • Being independent is a biggie. It may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. If someone thrives on working with a team in an office setting and gets inspired by the synergy that comes with brainstorming with colleagues in-person, working from home may be really challenging.
  • Troubleshooting skills are a must. Issues will come up, most likely often. A remote worker needs to figure out how to fix everyday problems and move on.
  • Excellent organizational abilities are crucial. Up to date calendars, detailed task lists and a schedule of deadlines are a remote worker’s friend. Not having a strong grasp on your schedule and role can lead to poor performance, frustration and anxiety.
  • Confidence is key. Second-guessing yourself wastes time and is a drain on energy. Not having people down the hall to run things by is a fact of a remote worker’s life. In addition to that, good decisions need to be made that get the job done. Of course, no one is perfect, and mistakes will happen, but achieving on one’s own should be a part of a remote worker’s DNA.

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