The Quarantined Mother’s Day

May 07, 2020
Health & Wellness
Read time: 3 mins

A mom and her kids - there is no stronger bond. This year, with Safer at Home orders, social distancing and the lockdown of our older moms and grandmas staying in to keep healthy, Mother’s Day is going to look different than what we’ve seen in the past.

But not all is lost, Mother’s Day can still be special! We asked around and came up with ideas for thoughtful ways to celebrate mom, both at home and from afar.

Celebrating Moms at Home

Mother's Day

  • Start the day off right and bring mom breakfast in bed with all her favorites. Not sure what to make? Check out these tried and true breakfast in bed recipes.
  • Most moms love fresh flowers. And local flower shops could really use the business right now. Order a bouquet of her much-loved springtime blossoms and have it waiting on the kitchen table to greet her.
  • Take advantage of the warmer temps (and hopefully some sunshine) and head out for a hike in one of the many beautiful parks that are once again open and waiting for you.
  • Cooking and cleaning up on Mother’s Day? No thank you! Download the menu and call in to carry out dinner from her restaurant of choice. Pour mom a glass of wine, get her comfy on the couch with her favorite book, magazine or TV show and head out to pick up whatever her heart desires.
  • Watch home videos of when the kiddos were babies. They did, after all, make her a momma. Important: Be sure to bring a box or two of tissues. And maybe more wine.

Celebrating Moms from Afar

Can’t be together this Mother’s Day? Check out these ideas to make her feel special even though you’re not in the same space.

  • Mail her handmade cards from everyone in the house. She’ll love a surprise in her mailbox and there’s an excellent chance they will be hung on her fridge until, well, forever.
  • If mom is close by put together a care package of things she loves and drop it off on her doorstep. An added bonus - you get to see her and tell her you love her in person. From six feet away.
  • Not close by? Order dinner to be delivered to her from one of her favorite local restaurants. Be sure to add a tip on when you call so mom doesn’t need to worry about that.
  • Pick your preferred beverage and have a Mother’s Day FaceTime happy hour. Seeing her on a screen is way better than not seeing her at all.
  • You’ve got some extra time, make the most of it and go through all those old pictures and put them on a digital photo album. This way she can always see you and your family even when you’re not together.

To all the awesome moms out there… you are doing a great job! Happy Mother’s Day.