A Look Inside the Quarantine

April 10, 2020
Health & Wellness
Productivity & Quality
Read time: 2 mins

Like many companies across the country, most of MRA has been working remotely for a few weeks now. And while nothing about it is predictable or routine, it is a little less shocking than when we first began.

This week we’ve been able to take a step back, look around and even poke fun at ourselves a little bit. We asked some people what they are realizing about their lives at the moment, thanks to the coronavirus quarantine, and here’s what we’ve learned.

The top 10 things we’re discovering while working from home.

Home Office

  • With a little dry shampoo, you really can go the better part of a week without a shower.
  • The whole no touching your face thing turns out to be harder than it sounds.
  • When talking on conference calls, your significant other uses the phrase “let’s ramp that up” way too much.
  • As soon as you hop on a call for work the dog is certain that a chipmunk is a major threat and decides to protect the house through fits of barking.
  • Social distancing: a teenager’s nightmare.
  • You’ve heard the term “Freshman 15”. Now meet “Quarantine 15”.
  • With that in mind, any form of stretchy pants is the new normal.
  • Rose´ all day seems to make a lot of sense.
  • Teachers who embrace online learning are amazing human beings.
  • A roll of toilet paper really does go a long way - there’s no need to stockpile. If you have some, maybe #ShareASquare with those who need it.

Until we can be together again, we’re sending you virtual vibes to stay safe, healthy and optimistic.