Do You Know Your Tipping Point?

October 03, 2018
Conflict Management
Engagement & Retention
Read time: 1 min

Recently we talked with someone who just loved his job. He’d been there more than 10 years, loved the people, loved the work, loved that it was close to home, loved it all. He planned on retiring from there when the time came. So imagine our surprise when we met him again a month later and he told us he left the company. What?! He said that he did love it there, everything about it... except his manager. The way his manager supervised was unacceptable, and he just couldn’t take it anymore. He thought he could deal with it because everything else was so great, but he couldn’t. So he left.

Everyone has a tipping point.

There are some things that outweigh an awesome workplace full of fun people or where the pay and benefits are great... what’s your tipping point?

Tipping Point/Seesaw