Being Shut in Doesn’t Have to Put You Out

March 27, 2020
Health & Wellness
Read time: 3 mins

How do we go from life clipping along at lightning speed to being indefinitely housebound? Not easily!

The good news is we are all in this together, and we will get through it. The bad news is it’ll be challenging at times. That said, we put together some tips that may help with our temporary new normal.

  • Have a routine during the workweek. Wake up at the same time, take a shower, get dressed (preferably not in the yoga pants you wore yesterday), have some breakfast with the fam and get to work in a space that’s conducive for letting the magic happen.

    Home Office

  • Set boundaries. To lessen the stress that can be created by having people around when you're working from home, let your family or roommates know when you can’t be interrupted, like during a conference call or virtual training. A simple sign on your door will do the trick.
  • Stay connected to people. Call, facetime, snap, tweet, post… there are so many ways to interact with people right now. And that’s a good thing because a lack of social connection and support puts us at a greater risk for illness and death than smoking, obesity, alcohol or lack of physical activity! To help with loneliness, our friends at the Wellness Council of America are offering this new Loneliness e-book on their website.
  • Make sure to exercise. You don’t need to bust out a 7-mile run, but you should get up and move every day, in fact, set a reminder on your phone or watch. Go for a walk, take a free online workout, play tag with the kids. It’s good for you physically and mentally.
  • Plan your meals. It’s tempting to graze all day, because, well, you can, but try to stick to sitting down and enjoying your food. Enlist the help of family members to pick what to make, try some new recipes, make mealtime a happy time. Speaking of happy…
  • Be happy. Sounds a little silly, and obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Being grumpy or freaked out are common reactions to change, but during the coronavirus chaos, let’s choose happiness. With your newly found time at home, consider taking Yale University’s free Happiness Class, officially called “The Science of Well Being”. The class focuses on the science behind happiness and how it stems from cultivating healthy practices and routines.

What if you can’t muster up any happiness right now? Consider contacting your employer’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). It’s a confidential professional counseling resource for you and your family members. EAP counselors can help with a range of work and personal concerns, including stress, finances, legal services, personal relationships, family issues and life changes.