Another Snow Day? A Letter to the Weather

February 22, 2019
Read time: 2 mins

Dear Snow,

It's been a good relationship, but our time together needs to come to an end. The way you glistened in the sun was beautiful but my snow blower is tired of picking up after you. It's not you, it's me. Please understand.


Tired of Writing Inclement Weather Policies


Which HR pro reading this can relate? We can! Winter has certainly moved in and taken over this season. The snow storms, layers of ice and freezing temps have most people counting down the days until spring, so here are a few tips to try and forget about the unrelenting wintertime mess out there.

  1. Hop on a plane and get outta here. Okay, while a fabulous idea, that’s not reasonable for most. But what about an indoor water park? It’s hot and humid, everyone’s in a swimsuit and it smells and sounds like summer inside.
  2. If music soothes the savage beast, it can certainly help us out in this situation. Listen to your summertime play lists if you have them. Or play music that reminds you of a warm weather trip or location, close your eyes and feel the sand under your feet.
  3. Treat yourself. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but do something that will make you happy and feel good. A massage? Dinner with a friend at that new restaurant you’ve wanted to try? A candlelit bubble bath? Whatever it is, do something for just you. You deserve it after all…you’ve been through quite a winter.