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Health Care Reform – A Work in Progress

The Affordable Care Act will bring sweeping changes to our health care system over a number of years. Government agencies have now started to issue regulations and guidance on certain issues with early implementation dates, which may help to clarify some of the issues raised by the legislation. Employers are beginning to understand the provisions of the law and are working to determine how it will affect them and their employees.

In order to keep you up to date on the latest information, MRA is tackling health care reform on many fronts — through our publications, live programs, webinars, timelines, analyses, and governmental links. We will be updating this information as any changes are made.

Members can access summaries of the changes, MRA Articles, and helpful government webpages in the MRA Health Care Reform Toolkit. In addition to MRA's Health Care Reform Toolkit, we continue to have our team of knowledgeable human resource professionals available to assist you with your questions! Please feel free to contact the HR Advisors Team at 262.696.3660, toll-free at 866.275.6721, or at


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